Meet Adam Taft:

Adam Taft, M.A. in Chemistry, is an experienced math teacher, tutor and disability specialist since 2008. Adam is a math, chemistry and physics tutor and academic coach specializing in all levels of math, including common core, up to Pre-Calculus for K-12. He also works with collage students on placement tests and with many different college level math classes with adults of all ages. He taught math to grades 6-9 at Santa Barbara Middle School for 6 years. He worked as a tutor at Santa Barbara City College, working in the Disabled Student Programs and Services (DSPS) Department. He is currently a supervisor in the math lab at the DSPS Department.

He now works as a full time private tutor and home school teacher. He also works on academic skills, focusing in on organization and test taking skills that are useful across all academic classes. He has extensive knowledge with learning disabilities and has found the strategies he uses are helpful with every student, not just students with learning disabilities, to improve their academic work and success in school. Adam is very passionate about helping students become self-successful in their work and their life. 

Adam, born and raised in England, lives with his wife Caroline, adopted daughter Alicia, and Labradoodle Lilli (who often accompanies him to work as she loves kids of all ages and has grown up around kids and teens. You don't have to be a dog lover to love Lilli) in beautiful Santa Barbara. 

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