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Academic Coaching and Tutoring

What is Academic Coaching verses Tutoring?

Tutoring is like one-on-one teaching where the tutor will sit with the student and teach them things on the homework they do not fully understand. The tutor also can help correct mistakes on the homework as it is being completed.

Academic coaching is focused on helping the student learn techniques to be successful in their academics and to help them understand how they learn best and what techniques they can use to fully take advantage of their own learning style in school and later on in life. It helps teach students that are open and motivated to be more self sufficient and independent and the techniques to do this. 

When these two practices are integrated together it becomes a highly effective and powerful technique to lead the student to success. 

What does a typical tutoring session look like with Adam?
Typically a tutoring session could either be working through homework that the student is struggling with or specific questions the student has from the homework given since the last time we met or it could consist of me teaching the student specific math concepts that the student struggles with. Those are two typical scenarios. But there are many other things that can be done in a session along with those, such as checking in with the student's online grading system, if one is available, so we can look at how the student is performing in all academic classes, not just math, to see if there are any areas the student is struggling with and I talk to the student to get an idea of why they may be struggling in that area and to then offer some tips for success in that area. For example, a student may be struggling with tests in vocabulary and I identify with them they learn best with pictures so I suggest they draw pictures with the words on flash cards and that really helps improve their memory in the vocabulary. This is just one example of what I may do with students when there is a spare 5 or 10 minutes during a tutoring session to help boost their knowledge and understanding in their classes. 

Price per 60 minutes: $60

Adam accepts: Check, Cash, Credit Cards through PayPal

Please Note: Payment is due at the beginning of each session. 

Cancellation Policy: Adam has a 24 hour cancellation policy. If you do not cancel your appointment 24 hours ahead of time, then you will be responsible for the full session fee. This includes last minute unforeseen emergencies.

Scheduling: Please call or email Adam for available days and times. 

Phone: 805-284-6114


Services offered:

- Math of all levels, from 1st grade to Pre-Calculus including Common Core and college math
- Chemistry of all levels, including
Honors and AP Chemistry

- Physics of all levels
- Homeschool teaching/tutoring

- Help navigating school with learning disabilities

- Working with gifted students, students with a high intellegence level
- ADD/ADHD management skills
- Strategies for students that
perform well in class and on
homework and perform poorly on
tests or quizzes.
- Organizational skills
- Time management skills

- Procrastination skills and strategies
- Skills for getting work in on time
- Academic coaching
-Strategies for students that have
a negative change in grades or
-Brain chemistry and the role it
plays in student performance