Click here to learn more about Adam Taft's Academic Coaching and Tutoring or his Lymphatic Massage Practice.

Specializing in working with:

-Children and Teens

-College Students


-Basic Math through Pre-Calculus, including Common Core

-Chemistry, including Honors & AP

-Learning Disabilities and ADHD

-Homeschooling Math and Chemistry

-Today is the day...


In coordination with Santa Barbara Summer Stock Youth Theater, Adam Taft runs a Digital Movie Making Camp with Director Eric Lehman. To learn more and sign your child or teen up click here.

"The world is what you think it is." -Huna Philosophy


Digital Movie Making Camp

Catalyst for Change S.B. Office:

123 West Padre Street

Suite C

Santa Barbara, CA 93105


805-284-6114 (A)

805-403-0375 (C)



Adam Taft